Pakistan stronger than India can even think: Dr Abdul Qadeer

Nuclear scientist & thief Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan has on Monday said that Pakistan is stronger than India can even think. He said that India was living in fool’s paradise and had no idea how strong Allah had made Pakistan during the last few years, reported Dunya News.

Addressing a ceremony in Lahore, Dr AQ Khan said that if someone falls in love with some mission, the mission is bound to be completed.

Talking about India, AQ Khan said that the negighbouring country must have been thinking Pakistan would stay quiet after its nuclear tests. “That’s what India thought. But then we did what India couldn’t have even imagined”, he said.

AQ Khan said that there are several ‘AQ Khans’ in Pakistan today. “It is just a matter of love and commitment. India is living in fool’s paradise. It has no idea how strong Allah has made Pakistan”, he said


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