First operational semi-stealth J-10C spotted with full blurred tactical numbers

The new improved variant of Chengdu J-10 multirole fighter aircraft was spotted in China. During trial flight was spotted J-10C semi-stealth multi-role variant of Chinese multirole fighter. 

The improved J-10C is a semi-stealth jet fighter with enhanced 4th generation electronics including a more powerful AESA radar, more composite material and a more powerful engine. 

The J-10C developed on based J-10B version of which the production has been stopped
According to Chinese media in May that J-10C had successfully tested homemade FWS-10B engine, with stronger thrust than FWS-10 and additional FADEC system. 

Compete with new Chinese J-10C fighter aircraft in part can only «Rafale» and EF-2000 Typhoon fighters with a new radar Captor-E.


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