INDIAN MEDIA has been always a culprit when it comes to maligning HINDUS since HINDUS are SECULAR & TOLERANT...They always try to rub them bad while turning blind eye on atrocities committed by other religions on hindus, be it Conversions or murder,eg DHULAGARH RIOTS,KOIRANA HINDU EXODUS or KASHMIRI HINDU PANDITS GENOCIDE.
Now a recent Trend has just burst on to the scene to malign Hindus since they are in majority of INDIA..MALIGN their religion is a favourite past time of thousands in INDIA & many in western world as well.
Cow which is a revered being in Hindu Mythology as well as religion is a great weapon of ridiculing Hindus for the INDIAN MEDIA as well.
Cow urine which is an important addup in some medicines which many dont know is often ridiculed by many Left liberals & even in PAKISTAN who come up & bash HINDUS addressing them as "COW PISS DRINKERS" drawing up a retaliation by "A camel piss drinkers" comment.

A recent article by Newyork times did the same bad mouthing HINDUS with the headline #MrModiDontPatentCowUrine(link--> openly trying to maligning #YOGA & #AYURVEDA, the 2 most popular things pushed as softpower to WEST.

In the editorial,ACHAL PRABHALA and SUDHIR KRISHNASWAMY wrote Imatinib, a drug used to treat a form of leukemia, is available in India at about one-tenth the price it costs in much of the world. In 2000, when the only anti-retroviral drugs for HIV/AIDS available were produced by Western companies, the annual cost of treatment was about $10,000. The price has dropped to about $350, at least in the developing world, thanks to generic equivalents that were developed in India...

Now wait a min..they also started their VENOMOUS tongue against HINDUS by writing...Patenting cow urine is a natural extension of the Hindu right’s obsession with the cow. It makes ideological sense for a nationalist party that rides on a wounded Hindu psyche to claim that Indian science was well ahead of Western science...Here they openly discredited AYURVEDA,MEDICINAL values of cow urine which is also used along with mixtures as floor cleaners not to mention its broad use somewhere in life saving drugs.

Now Maligning INDIA, is a lollypop many intellectuals & left liberals suck hurriedly upon openly misusing the "Freedom of Speech & Expression", the fundamental right mentioned in the constitution.
Now its not rocket science to draw eyes of the "HINDUS" connection.
Hinduism which is actually a way of life advocates love,brotherhood,tolerance & secularism for all religions. But do other religions advocate the same for HINDUS, No ...Not even a mere 10%.
It given many a demented bliss to abuse Hindus since they are in majority, directly attacking them on religion fronts.If Hindus retaliate defensively, MEDIA CHANNELS whom we in INDIA address lovingly as "PRESSTITUTES" label & portray HINDUS as "RAPISTS/MURDERERS/INTOLERANT towards others.

Now many must be wondering where in the world,HINDUS come in this.
Now there comes the twist.

YOGA & AYURVEDA are the 2 most popular thingspractised by HINDUS since decades, INDIA has given to the western world as a very important softpower push & inturn giving a small sweet smell of hinduism to the world. Many countries in the world including Russia,CHINA,USA,FRANCE etc have developed much liking on them (HINDUISM). Lord Krishna which is an important deity for HINDUS is respected world wide & many westerners are seen flocking to INDIA in large numbers to study HINDUISM & experience HINDUISM & its rich cultural & religious diversity.Thousands in Russia are speedily taking up Hinduism as their way of life. Many are seen visiting PURI LORD JAGANNATH during RATH YATRA or the CAR FESTIVAL. Many of them have left mesmerised at the depth HINDUISM has,the scientific, the logicality, everything has wrung warning bells in the HATERS of HINDUS.

There are many in WEST,GULF countries,Middleeast,INDIA's nearest neighbours who are extremely worried at the sudden rise of HINDUISM.
Many of them in the west who think INDIA still as a land of snake charmers couldn't digest the fact that INDIA's GDP has surpassed even UK(United Kingdom) recently, the guys who colonised INDIA & looted INDIA's wealth.

The Obsession of DOWNGRADING INDIA by INDIAN MEDIA & WESTERNISED MEDIA which clearly shows the Colonial mindset can be easily seen by the below mentioned Links . It is evident that this process of downgrading INDIA was started by several paid media houses who often peddle fake stories & was later picked up by the doggie nose of Western media who always swarm INDIA in search of a juicy story but with a malafied intention.

If you are wondering whats in these links, we would like to point you all out that its a non governmental booklet which is not a Govt of INDIA advisory or law which is published first in 2013 & republished yet again which malafied planted fake propaganda to criticise INDIA & PM MODI govt.

Apparently, a section of the media has distorted what was suggested by AYUSH to pregnant women.

The Indian ministry of AYUSH has clarified the confusion over recent media reports that highlighted AYUSH department booklets’ suggestion to women to refrain from consumption of meat and from sex in state of pregnancy.

The ministry said that many of these media reports are seen to be inaccurate, and some are seen to misrepresent facts. It informed that the “sex word” does not feature at all in the booklet.

As far as the consumption of meat is concerned, the ministry said that the suggestion on page 14 of the booklet regarding avoiding certain types of food like tea, coffee, white flour products, fried and oily items and non-veg during pregnancy, is seen to have received selective attention.

The suggestion that non-vegetarian food may be avoided (as Yoga & Naturopathy do not advocate non-vegetarian food in its practice) has been singled out for highlighting in some reports, omitting the mention of white flour products, fried and oily items etc.

The controversy regarding suggestion to pregnant women over eating habits and life style erupted when recently the AYUSH ministry had a conference on Yoga and released some booklets published by the Central Council For Research in Yoga and Naturopathy. Some section of the media had carried stories citing suggestions given in these booklets.

The ministry also pointed out that as noted by the UNESCO, Yoga consists of techniques “designed to help individuals build self-realization, ease any suffering they may be experiencing and allow for a state of liberation”. It is now widely accepted across the world that practice of Yoga under expert supervision can be immensely beneficial to the expecting mother.

It also urges the media to view the efforts of CCRYN to take the preventive health benefits of Yoga to all sections of the population (including expecting mothers) in the right perspective and requests them to support such initiatives in the larger interest of the nation.

This news of AYUSH was reported in many flavours across western media who went jumping to different extents to malign INDIA.

Today ARNAB GOSWAMI's Republic TV highlighted it aggressively & even threatened to contest these media houses for their fake paid media stories.
Govt of INDIA must come up with certain laws to hold media accountable & heavy fines & capital punishments must be made available against media houses who influence public opinion in INDIA & abroad by fake portrayal of INDIA.

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