INDIA's Indigenous Nag ATGM clears final Developmental Trials; Ready for MASSPRODUCTION

DRDO developed 3rd Generation fire and forget Nag Anti-Tank Guided Missile (ATGM) scored Bull’s eye after it took down a target at 4 km in final developmental trials held by Indian Army in the month of September , making way for the indigenous Anti-tank weapon system to enter mass production .

 Nag ATGM trials conducted at 28-30 September earlier this year saw NAG using Indigenously developed Thermal Target System (TTS) to identify the Thermal signature of the target located at 3.2km which mimicked an operational T-72 tank . 

Radio controlled Target was again positioned at 4 km in second trials which followed in the subsequent day and NAG’s TTS was able to mark its target again and attacked mock Tank successfully. The main objective of recent NAG trials was to test missile at its maximum range in adverse conditions . 

NAG ATGM has a Top attack and Front attack capabilities against static and fast moving Battle tanks and has capabilities to defect heaviest type of armour including reactive and composite armour currently used in current and future generation main battle tanks . DRDO also had developed HeliNa (Helicopter Nag) which is helicopter launch variant of Nag is currently been adapted for HAL Rudra and has a range of 7km.


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