Strategic Boost! - Govt orders construction of 240km of railways on India's Unsinkable Aircraft Carriers

According to media reports, the Ministry of Railways will soon give its nod to build a 240-kilometre broad gauge railway track between Port Blair and Diglipur, which lies in the north of the Andaman island.

At present the two towns are linked by a 350-km bus service that takes over 14 hours. The other mode of transport is ship that takes around 24 hours.

The proposed railway line will not only improve the tourism sector, but will also be of immense strategic value.

The cost to build the railway track will be 2,413.68 crore and notably the Union Territory administration has agreed to share 50 percent of the cost.

Port Blair is the only place which hosts India’s first and only tri-service command. The Army, Navy, and Air Force serve under a unified command here.

In its effort to provide better connectivity to bordering areas of the northeastern region, the central government has proposed railway lines to Tawang, Bamey and Pasighat in Arunachal Pradesh.

The Northeast Frontier Railway (NFR) is going to undertake three surveys for laying railway tracks connecting Bhalukpong to Tawang, Silapathar-North Lakhimpur-Bamey and between Murkongselek-Rupai-Pasighat.

“The proposed railway line between Bhalukpong to Tawang will also be one of the highest elevation in the country — 9,000 feet,” he said.


  1. I have been to Andamans quite long time during my stints on board various merchant ships operating in these waters. I was fortunate enough to sail in Andamans waters from north to south till Indira point. I had visited Diglipur & Mayabandhar. The Modi govt decision to make railaway in Andaman is really a great one considering the geopolitical importance of this island groups. In addition to this, it is suggested that southern most island, Campbell Bay should be developed to become world's numero uno naval fecility and encourage our friendly nations viz. America, Japan & Australia etc. to join and operate from this fecility & make this as Combined Naval Operation Centre of participating countries. This will, of course, enhance the safety & security of this maritime region which is the passage choke point of international merchant fleet which trades through Malacca strait to connect with South China sea & Asia-Pacific region. And also it is wished that this Naval Centre, if materialize, will be a hope for the many peripheral countries in and around South China sea, considering the volatile maritime security of this region & musle flexing and expansionist attitude of 'evil countries' in the Asia-Pacific. I Hope one day this will come true by the initiative of our own.....for the security of the entire world in the clutches of 'EVIL DESIGNERS' who choose to destabilize the world order.......


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