U.S. Hindu forum leader SHALABH KUMAR wants Indian soldiers in Afghanistan fighting TALIBAN terrorists

The United States wants India to provide soldiers to fight terrorism in Afghanistan, Shalabh Kumar, who heads the Republican Hindu Coalition (RHC), said on Friday.Mr. Kumar said India and the U.S. should join hands to fight radical Islamic terrorism and dismissed concerns about the H-1B visa as “speculation.”

 “It will be nice if Indian soldiers could be there to support U.S. forces in places like Afghanistan. It is my feeling that the Donald Trump administration wants India to partner counter terror operations in Afghanistan,” said Mr. Kumar, emphasising that these were his personal observations in the capacity of the leader of the RHC. Mr. Kumar, who is at present in India, said that the United States expects India to become a major partner to fight Islamic radicalism and terrorism. 

His comment is significant as it came a day after Secretary of Defence James Mattis had a telephone conversation with Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar and vowed cooperation. Mr. Kumar played a significant role in mobilising support for Donald Trump during the last weeks of the presidential campaign by launching a targeted campaign for the Indian community in the U.S.

 He said that under the leadership of President Trump and Prime Minister Narendra Modi bilateral ties will prosper despite differences in some areas. Lasting legacy on trade The Trump administration, Mr. Kumar said, would crack down on fraudulent activities and visa abuse.

 But he dismissed concerns about the H1B visa. “Nothing is happening on H1B visa programme until Congress deliberates on it and then discussion will take place in two chambers of Congress — House and the Senate,” he said. He also dismissed criticism of Mr. Trump in the U.S. media, insisting that the U.S. President would leave a lasting legacy on U.S.-India trade ties.


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