Difficult for Pakistan to match India’s seven times bigger defence budget says Pak media

Pakistani media is worried over the increase in India’s defence budget and has pointed out that the gap between the military spending of Islamabad and New Delhi has widened to 1:7.
On Thursday, Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley increased India’s defence budget to Rs 2.74 lakh crore for Financial Year 2017-18.   

A report in ‘Pakistan Today’ said that Pakistani defence analysts are worried over the fact that India is now spending seven times more than Pakistan on its military.
The report also pointed out that Pakistan is in no position to match India’s huge military spending. 
“It is hard for Pakistan to match India’s spending as latter economy is comparatively much greater in size,” the report said. 
The report also said that India has increased the capital outlay in the defence budget as it aims to install latest military hardware along Pakistani border that will pose a direct threat to Pakistan’s sovereignty.
It also alleged that India is deploying thousands of tanks on Line of Control (Loc) in light of its military doctrine titled as “Cold Start” despite the fact that strategist planners in Islamabad have developed state of the art ‘tactical strategic weapons’ to dismantle New Delhi’s war designs


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