Chinese experts worry Trump presidency might enbolden India to take tough stance against CHINA

China is revealing its concerns that a Trump presidency in the US might encourage India to take stronger postures against Beijing. This is what explains the latest commentary in the Communist Party backed 'Global Times', asking India to understand China's ability to deal with the US.

The paper published a scathing commentary questioning President Pranab Mukherjee's decision to invite Tibetan leader Dalai Lama for an event at the Rashtrapti Bhavan. The article even described India as a "spoiled kid".

China regards the Tibet and Taiwan issues as "core interest" and would not allow any country to take actions that might seem to challenge it. Beijing is also blistering with anger over a remark by Trump questioning its One-China policy involving Taiwan. China wants all countries to accept that Taiwan is part of Chinese territory under its One-China policy.

The paper said Trump's remarks were met with strong counter-measures from China because it is a matter of national unity. It did not explain what counter-measures were taken. But it may be referring to the recent seizure of an undersea drone of the US navy by the Chinese military.

"India should draw some lessons from the recent interactions between Beijing and US President-elect Donald Trump over Taiwan," the paper said in a commentary.

"Even the US would have to think twice before it messes with China on such sensitive problems, so what makes India so confident that it could manage?".

China is worried that Trump might invite Taiwan president Tse Ing-wen at the inaugural of his presidency, which would mean recognizing it as an independent country. Some analysts are speculating thatTse, who is due to visit Latin America in January, might agree to attend despite Beijing's resistance.

"Sometimes, India behaves like a spoiled kid, carried away by the lofty crown of being 'the biggest democracy in the world'," the article said. But India's capabilities are much lesser than its ambitions, it said.

China imposed an economic blockage on neighboring Mongolia after it allowed the Dalai Lama to come for a visit. India offered an assistance of $1 billion to Mongolia, which was not liked by China. The Mongolian government has now "caved in" and promised never to allow the Dalai Lama to visit even in the name of religion, the paper said.


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