Websites of Cochin and Trivandrum airports hacked by PAKISTANI HACKER GROUP ‘Kashmir Cheetah’

T​he official websites of the Cochin and Thiruvananthapuram airports were hacked by Pakistan cyber attackers in the wee hours of Wednesday. However, the websites were restored half an hour after they were hacked.
A message posted on the websites read:“Website stamped by Kashmiri Cheetah. HACKED. Team :: Pak Cyber Attackers. We are Unbeatable. Mess With The Best. Die Like The Rest.”
The group, which calls itself the “Kashmir Cheetah,” was also responsible for the hacking of AIIMS Raipur’s website earlier this year, the Indian Express reported.
Cyber security officials are currently investigating the matter.
In 2013, the website of the Customs Department of the Indira Gandhi International Airport was hacked allegedly by a Pakistani hacker. He broke into the server, removed the content on the homepage and uploaded an image along with an audio file of a song.
The hacker also threatened the administrators with a message that read: “Secure it or I hack it again.” 


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