Russia tests new anti-satellite Missile

Russia has reportedly tested an anti-satellite weapon, according to U.S. sources with knowledge of the test.
According to the source, the U.S. tracked the weapon and it did not create debris, indicating it did not destroy a target, reports the CNN.
The Russian test could be seen as a provocative demonstration of Moscow's capability in space.
Russia has also demonstrated the ability to launch anti-satellite weapons in the past, including its Nudol missile.
U.S. military officials have expressed concerns about Russia's burgeoning anti-satellite arsenal, as the US has become increasingly dependent on satellites for both military and commercial uses.
US officials believe Russia has also deployed what could be kamikaze satellites, known as "Kosmos 2499," which are designed to sidle up to American satellites and, if ordered, destroy or disable them.
Strategic Command, which oversees US space operations, declined to discuss the recent incident.
"We monitor missile launches around the globe, but as a matter of policy we don't normally discuss intelligence specific to those launches. We remain concerned with growing space capabilities around the globe, particularly those of China and Russia, since both countries are developing or have developed counter-space capabilities. Specific questions regarding Russian launches or tests should be directed to Roscosmos or the Russian government," Strategic Command said in a statement.
Russia is not alone in the development of these type of weapons. China has also conducted similar tests in the past - a move analysts saw as indicative of China's growing military capability. 


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