Revoke domicile certificate issue order or face agitation: PAK footlicker Separitist Mirwaiz to Govt

Hurriyat Conference (M) chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq strongly criticised the ruling regime for once again imposing severe restrictions in and around Jama Masjid areas to disallow people from reaching there and thwarting the joint resistance program of peaceful protest against the anti Kashmir policies of granting domicile rights to WP refugees and using the judiciary to subvert the Kashmir dispute.

Mirwaiz asked, “the puppets and their masters in the ruling regime to immediately revoke the domicile certificate issue order keeping in view the disputed nature of the state failing which people will once again be forced to start an agitation against it and the onus of it will completely be on the rulers.

After Friday prayers Mirwaiz led a protest rally outside Jama Masjid against the the government decision of issuing Domicile Certificates to WPR's and imposition of Sarfaesi Act.
He said the authorities in Kashmir deserve to be in world record books for their constant improvisation in the skills of how to crush people's rights and liberties while maintaining the appearance of "normalcy and peace. “Earlier I was kept under house arrest on Fridays and after tremendous pressure and to avoid international shame and censure I am now allowed but what it is ensured is that there is least participation of people,” he said.

Speaking to a small audience at the Masjid as very few people after thorough checks were allowed inside Masjid, Mirwaiz while commenting on the WP domicile issue said that, “while tens of thousands of Kashmiri have been killed and continue to be killed mercilessly and are subject to all kinds of torture indignity and oppression not an iota of remorse is felt by the perpetrators,but for the WP refugees the milk of human kindness is over brimming in their "tender"hearts”.
He said it defies understanding that the same people who ruthlessly kill and blind their own those they claim to have elected can be so "sensitive "to the inconvenience of outsiders.

Mirwaiz said in actuality they have no love lost for the WP refugees but are using them .the ploy to grant domicile rights to them is in keeping with the BJP / RSS agenda of steadily and methodically changing the demographic nature of the state with the ultimate aim of doing away with the disputed nature of Kashmir and its assimilation into Akhand Bharat. He said RSS has never made a secret of it and openly propagated its anti Kashmir agenda. This time around with the help and support of quislings who unfortunately are from among us they got the opportunity and are fast on the way to implement their designs.

Mirwaiz said Indian supreme court ruling challenging the sovereignty of Kashmir and the deliberate callousness in fact tacit support of the state rulers in the SARFAESI case, paving way for Indian financial institutions to seize immovable properties of local residents and sell it to outsiders in case of default are glaring example of how the states disputed nature is being deliberately and systematically undermined through the judiciary route also. All kinds of efforts Both overt and covert are being made towards the goal of assimilation.


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