Israeli Defense Minister: If Pakistan send ground troops into Syria on any pretext, we will destroy this country with a nuclear attack

By AWD news
Israeli Defence Minister has threatened to “destroy” Pakistan,after Pakistan said on Thursday it will send Sunni fighters to Syria
Pakistan said on Thursday it was ready to send ground troops to Syria as part of an international coalition to fight against Islamic State.
“We have been frustrated at the slow pace …. of confronting Daesh,” said Tariq Fatemi,Minister of State for Foreign Affairs of Pakistan, referring to Islamic State by its Arabic acronym.
Following this Statement,Israel has said it will act if Pakistan send ground troops into Syria on the pretext of fighting against ISIS.
Moshe Yaalon, Israeli defence minister, issued his warning on Tuesday.
"As far as we are concerned,that is a threat,if, by misfortune, they arrive in Syria, we will know what to do,we will destroy them with a nuclear attack " Yaalon said.
Pakistan’s pro-Assad stance has reaffirmed Islamabad’s importance as an arbiter in Middle East conflicts. However, the Pakistani government’s Syria policy is accompanied by many risks. There are two main reasons why Nawaz Sharif’s handling of the Syrian crisis could destabilize Pakistan.
First, Pakistan’s support for Assad could exacerbate sectarian tensions between Shiites and Sunnis in Pakistan. 
Second, Sharif’s alliance with Assad could cause Saudi Arabia to rebalance its foreign policy in a way that threatens Pakistan’s internal stability and vital interests. Many Saudi officials views Pakistan’s refusal to contribute troops to Riyadh’s air war in Yemen, while supporting Iran’s objectives in Syria, as a betrayal of a long-standing alliance.


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