#BREAKING Major ISI supported financial fraud,spying network unearthed;Around 11 people involved in running parallel telephone exchange held

The Uttar Pradesh Anti Terrorism Squad (ATS) in a joint operation with Military Intelligence on Tuesday busted an ISI supported spying network and arrested 11 people from Delhi and other parts of UP.
The spy network was tracked by Military Intelligence Unit in Jammu and Kashmir.
The kingpin of the spy network was arrested from Mehrauli and rest other were arrested by ATS from different parts of UP.
According to ATS sources, the spy ring was running parallel telephone exchange.
The network was being hired by ISI to gather information regarding vital army installations, troop movement and deployments, the source said.
The spying was done conducted using mobile numbers with Direct Inward Dialling Network) to route calls.

The accused made calls to various army stations posing as government officials.


  1. Bloody Traitors .. There should be NO mercy for these Desh drohis ..

    All of them should be hanged ..


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