A Muslim youth pursued a female student on his motorcycle and patted her derriere in public. He was arrested. An Islamic body has argued that patting a woman is halal.
According to this flyer, it is holding a public meeting to explain:
● Under which circumstances is patting a woman's derriere allowed?
● Women of which age group can be patted?
● Where precisely can they be patted?
- Rules of discipline to be followed while patting a woman's derriere.
● How to pat while riding a motorcycle and while walking?
● How many times is it permissible to pat?
The same flyer announces that a respected mullah would not only answer these questions but also give a live demo on stage! We do not know if the flyer is authentic or a spoof. However, this is something one could expect from an Islamic body which follows the teachings of Islam. The Islamic body, according to the flyer, intends to file a petition in support of the Muslim youth in the court of law to highlight the Islamic stance justifying molestation.We are now just waiting for its filing in the court of LAW.


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