China giving stiff resistance to India’s Project Mausam, which is a Counter to CHINA's Silk Road

Another India’s ambitious initiative is facing stiff resistance from China.After blocking New Delhi entry into Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) as its permanent member and scuttling a proposal at UN to put Pakistan based terrorist Masood Azhar in the black list of designated international terrorists, Beijing was now opposing the Narendra Modi Government’s flagship Project Mausam, which was seen as an effective counter to China’s idea of reviving the ancient silk route.

 Under the Project Mausam, India intends to revive its own ancient maritime routes and cultural linkages with countries in the region. As the Indian Government approached the UNESCO to get a transnational heritage status for the project, China raised the red flag saying that this will hamper its  proposal of reviving the maritime silk route, Government sources said. After the UNESCO accords Project Mausam the heritage status, any other initiative will not be allowed which can interfere with its area of operation.

 China on its part, is lobbying for the revival of maritime silk route in order to further intensify its naval activities in the Indian Ocean Region, which is the area of dominance of the Indian Navy. To counter the idea of silk route, New Delhi mooted the proposal of Project Mausam, a transnational initiative of about 40 countries, including China and Pakistan.


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