Pakistan’s Lie Of Detecting Indian Submarine Exposed!!

                                           Video still grab from a PAKISTANI P3C Orion

On November 18, 2016, a video was released by Pakistani military showing that they detected an Indian submarine in Pakistani waters. The video is legit and the submarine shown in the video is Indian Navy’s Type 209 (Shishumar class) submarine which are 2 to 3 decades old. ?However, that was the half truth with manipulated story, and when you will realize the actual story, you won’t get shocked, but laugh instead because only a third grade military of a failed country filled with people in a delusional atmosphere can make such a claim. 

So here’s how it started…Two warships from People Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) or Chinese Navy left its homeport sometime within late October 2016 for bilateral exercise with Pakistan Navy and the flotilla got surely trailed (followed) by US Navy till Indonesian archiepelago, and later trailed by Indian Navy after getting information of a Chinese flotilla entering in Indian Ocean from eastern side and quickly dispatched a Kilo-class (Sindhughosh) submarine under Eastern Naval Command to trail and monitor the Chinese flotilla to ensure they don’t snoop around Indian water territory when visiting Pakistan. 

Interestingly, Indian Navy found there were not 2 Chinese ships in the flotilla, but a Type 039G1 Chinese diesel-electric submarine as well, secretly diving submerged with the 2 warships. It was a great opportunity for Indian Navy to study the Chinese Type 039G submarine acoustic data and Indian Navy grabbed the opportunity.

 When the Chinese flotilla was about to enter the Arabian Sea during late 2nd week of November, Kilo-class submarine stopped trailing and the Indian Western Naval Command took charge and assigned task to one of the Type 209 class (Shishumar) submarine to trail the flotilla till the International waters of Arabian Sea, a few hundreds kilometers from Karachi port (in other words, Type 209 was ordered not to violate Pakistani water territory). Here’s when the main incident starts: Pakistan Navy dispatched its P-3C Orion aircraft to escort the Chinese flotilla to Karachi port. As ordered, Indian Navy trailed the Chinese flotilla till few hundred kilometers away from Karachi port (international waters of Arabian Sea) and SURFACED when the task of trailing was finally done, as there was no need to remain hidden anymore. 

Co-incidently, the P3C Orion meant to escort Chinese flotilla saw the Indian submarine diving surfaced near Chinese flotilla and recorded the video. And on November 16th, 2016, Pakistan Navy officially announced arrival of a Chinese flotilla for bilateral exercise. ( And finally to everyone’s surprise, on November 18 (2 days later), Pakistan military released a propaganda video showing a surfaced Indian submarine with a manipulated story, quickly gaining headlines.

 Only an unprofessional miltitary with dirty mindset can come up with such a video. No other countries accepted the Pakistani claim. When it comes to anti-submarine warfare, Pakistan military capability is poor. The news of it spread like wild fire prompting Indian Navy to immediately respond to the allegations. Indian navy rubbished the propaganda, but Pakistan military continued to stick with the stupid claim and even making outrageous claims like Indian submarines are used to give aid to terrorists (freedom fighters) in Balochistan.

 Its worth noting that both Pakistan and Chinese Navy didn’t announce the secret chinese submarine in the flotilla that docked in Karachi in November 2016, so Indian Navy too decided to be silent about it. However, the information of Type 039G1 in that chinese flotilla was confirmed later after Type 039G docked at the Royal Malaysian Navy’s submarine base from January 3rd till 7th for picking up perishable supplies and for their crew complements to rest after conducting anti-piracy patrols off the coast of Somalia. The mystery is finally solved and Pakistan is totally exposed… Now the big question is, will the Pakistani media show the truth or will they continue being a puppet of Pakistani Army? 

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