New Export Version of T90 MS MBT codenamed "Proryv-3" unveiled by Russian Ministry of Defence

A new export version of T-90MS main battle tank named Proryv-3 is being unveiled by Russian Defense Industry.
According a picture released on the Russian blog "Gur Khan attacks", the Russian Company Ural Design Bureau of Transport Machinery has unveiled a new modernized version of T-90M main battle tank named "Proryv-3" in its 2017 calendar. Picture released on the "Gur Khan attacks!" blog showing the new modernized version of Russian T-90M main battle tank.
The family of T-90 main battle tanks, this T-90M has a crew of three and a combat weight of 50 tons. It has a two-man turret with automatic loading system armed with 125 mm cannon. As the T-90MS, a remote weapon system is mounted on the right side on the top of the turret which is armed with a 7.62mm machine gun
Differences with other variants
This new version of T-90 seems very similar to the T-90MS, the latest export version of the T-90 main battle tank. However, there are slight differences in external layout of the vehicle, the turret seems to use the same armour but the lower part is fitted with a wired cage armour on 360°. A very interesting feature, all the Russian combat vehicles have a wood log mounted at the rear of the chassis to get the tank out of muddy terrain, but for this new version of T-90, the wood log is fitted on the right side of the hull.


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