Balochistan atrocities: Pakistani forces abduct women, nine-month-old boy; torch houses in military operation

Pakistani forces in a large-scale military operation in Sui torched many houses and abducted several people.

The people abducted today by the Pakistan army also included women and children, said an ANI report.
According to BRP Media Cell, Pakistani forces on Friday conducted a heavy military operation in different areas of Sui and Naseerabad including Matt, Darenjan, Uch, Shari Darbad, Chattar and Sheerani.
Several houses were burned and destroyed during the military operations.
Furthermore, 17 people including women and children of Mitta Khan Bugti and Saeed Khan Bugti were taken by the Pakistani army in Chattar.
Some of the abductees belonged to the family of activist Chakar Bugti.Bugti`s wife Naaz Khatoon, daughter Roz Bibi three-year-old son Hameed and nine-month-old son Ramzan were abducted.
In-charge of BRP Media Cell, Shah Nawaz Bugti said that the women were brutally tortured before being abducted.He said "After Baloch political activists, now women are abducted, beaten up and detained by Pakistan army. Human rights group should take immediate notice of the situation."


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