BSF Jawan video goes viral.
Accusing top officials of corruption.
Bringing the plight of Jawans in front of everyone.

And that’s the moment of joy for our beloved media and social media tycoons.

Everyone going gaga over the story. Trying to extract maximum profit out of it. Responsibility, Integrity, Morality are not as charming as Monetary Profit.

Soldier in uniform with a gun in hand expressing his anguish on ill-treatment of Jawan. A perfect recipe for a block-buster hit.

To be honest we too fell for it....But something got our eye...& we decided...lets get in detail ...


 we were never convinced with the Audio associated with the Video. I mean, only one chapati for breakfast, that is too much to digest. Lunch looks decent considering, the soldiers are on a forward post in difficult terrain.
Have a look for yourself. As soon as the video starts, He asks "kya bana"??  Someone says “Matar bana, ye dekh”. We can also see some spicy food in the Utensil. However, Mr Yadav chooses to comment on dal which has got only Haldi and Namak.
You have nice hot chapatis with dal and that Vegetable (which very conveniently you ignored to get more sympathy). Is the lunch actually that bad. Just mute the Audio and look at the Video again. If that is bad then, he does not even know what is bad. During long deployments both Officer and Men get food which you cannot even imagine. However, they don’t create a fuss because they are trained and motivated. So is it about the food or something else.
It looks more like creating An Officer – Jawan Rift. Though BSF is part of para military forces, such issue does percolate into all other forces and affects the morale adversely.
If the issue was really about food. There are mess men, mess committee etc. he could have raised his issue there. If he thought they were not competent enough to address this issue. He should have taken up the issue with his Company Commanders. To put forward a strong opinion he could have given a written complaint to them. If Company Commander was not competent, he could have gone to the level of 2IC or the Commanding Officer. If they were not competent, he could have gone up to ADG or the DGs.
Did he do any of the above ??
Assuming he did put forward a written complaint and no action were taken, then why a copy of written complaint does not appear in his video.
He had all the time in the world to shoot and post such videos, but he couldn’t manage to bring out even one single proof that he had complained to his superiors and they did not take any action.
Ask that question to yourself. If there is an issue in your house or at workplace, what do you do ? You first complaint to your own people or you straight away call up President of India.
Anyway, there we can have a difference in opinion. So I will not dwell further. Moving ahead I bring out something that will definitely startle you.

Presenting the other side.

we happen to scan through the profile of Mr Tej Bahadur Yadav and we found something fishy. At first look, we were amused to see his pics in uniform at forward posts posted all over facebook from time to time, which is a severe case of indiscipline and gross negligence and insult to military rules and regulations. No army man does that out of fear of being taken out by enemy intelligence scouting now a days in Social media Anyway ….

Here is Facebook profile of Mr. Tej Bahadur Yadav

Profile ID :  /rohitkumar.yadav.75457

So Now Refer to Videos that are doing rounds in Social media via his facebook id :
Now that, it is clear that his profile ID is /rohitkumar.yadav.75457. Let’s move ahead. (Pay close attention to the URL seen on all the pics in this article.)
Then I had a look at his friend list. He had a lot of friends. By lot, I mean actually a lot. That’s not the interesting part. His Friend’s list has many names from India and quite a few from Pakistan.
Yes, you got that right, it’s Pakistan.
I am sure, Mr Yadav and our liberal media will have a valid explanation for this also.
Still, let’s have a look at the friend’s list of Mr Yadav. I am repeating Pay close attention to the URL of links mentioned below for authenticity, in case some one says its Fake.

Some of the Dubious Names I was able to find out in the friend’s list of Mr Yadav in first scan are as Follows

  • Asad Hayat
  • Md Khalil
  • Mohd Khalil
  • Adnan Aslam
  • Adnan Sattar
  • Aslam Khan (most interesting)
Names look absolutely fine. But it is not, because none of them are Indian Citizens. These are just a few names that I saw, there must be lot more.

Let us have a closer look at each one of them.

Viewers are advised to click on the names provided to get themselves redirected to their Facebook Ids.

1. Asad Hayat  <-- Click me

Facebook Profile –
His Facebook profile displays following Information.

     2. Md Khalil <-- Click me

    Wondering where is Comila Victoria College?
    Comilla Victoria Government College is a college in Comilla, Bangladesh. It is one of the oldest and renowned colleges in Comilla as well as in Chittagong division. The college is located on 29 acres of land including its intermediate and honors section.
    3. Mohd Khalid  <-- Click me

    His Facebook profile displays following Information.
    Please make use of google to find location of Hazara university Mansehra
    4. Adnan Aslam <--Click me

    Facebook Profile –
    His Facebook profile displays following Information.
     5. Adnan Sattar <--Click me

    Facebook Profile
    His Facebook profile displays the following Information
    6. Aslam Khan <--Click me

    Nothing much was displayed on the profile. 

    Viewers will say, "HAH!!" BULLSHIT!! even i have PAK friends in my friendlist...whats the BIG FUSS IDIOT ADMIN!! 

    However, while just scanning through his friend’s list, 

    we came across

    **** Jehangir Wzr Wzr (Click on name)

    His Facebook profile displays following Information:-
    But wait!! we did a background check with our sources & results were actually astonishing. This Jehangir is actually a serving soldier of PAK army.
    Some of us do have Friends and relatives in Pakistan. After all, we belong to same big family separated by Political border drawn in 1947
    But, does it look like that names in the list happen to be Relatives of Mr Yadav. Well, I don’t know ….. decide for yourself.
    BSF Jawan uploading videos, creating quite a Storm. And this is what we find in his facebook profile. Connection with Pakistani and Bangladeshi Citizens who happen to have friends in Pak Army. Not sure what to make out of this.
    So, there is something more to it than what actually meets the eye.

    BSFJawan-Hanuman Yadav-Not sure if His grievance genuine-but in 99% cases such guys r trouble makers-Rest assured,will join AAP after VRS.

    I will not pass any judgment and leave the subject here. Now, Let me move on to the Officers and Jawans in Forces.
    Those who do not know Indian Armed Forces, An Officer lives and dies with this motto
    The Officer does everything, even to the peril of his life to protect Men under him.
    And the Jawan does not think twice before sacrificing his life for his Officer.
    Such is the relation between a Jawan and an Officer.
    They both Complement one another, They Complete One another.
    And this beautiful relationship can be understood only by very few.
    It is because of this relationship that Indian Armed Forces have given this Nation Victory in all Wars. Yes, those chest-thumping moment that we all get when we hear about 1965, 1971 or Kargil.
    Which brings us to Questions,that might as well left unanswered!! connecting to Tej Bahadur Yadav.
    1.  Tej Bahadur Yadav was court-martialled in 2010 for indiscipline and aiming a gun at a senior officer!! who reinstated him back & under which rule & under whose Behest??
    2. Why no other jawan deployed at the same place had any problem with the quality of food being served to them??
    3. Is he taking revenge of his court martial by publishing videos with mobile phone which is itself illegal to carry on duty??
    & the list goes on & on...
    Let us not act as catalyst in the fire. Let us not blame the most prestigious organisation in this country with half cooked knowledge. Let us not fall prey to the Media and Social Media companies who just want TRP and clicks on their website. Let us not get played in their hands.
     Let us Stand by our Forces.

    by readXP


    1. Take helpof Mallu hackers and get access secretly and watch his chats.


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