British army troops trained with Sierra Leonean soldiers in jungle warfare: Fallon.

For the first time, British army troops trained with Sierra Leonean soldiers in jungle warfare, Defense Secretary Sir Michael Fallon announced, Saturday, January 7, 2016. Around 90 soldiers from United Kingom are being deployed alongside 25 soldiers from Sierra Leone for a jungle exercise to learn the skills to live and fight in that environment.
Secretary Fallon said: "Training with Sierra Leonean forces is just the latest example of the UK stepping up globally to tackle international threats that put Britain at risk."
About Sierra Leonean Army
The Sierra Leone Army is modelled on the British Army and came into existence after independence in 1961. The core of the army was based on the Sierra Leone Battalion of the Royal West African Frontier Force, which became the Royal Sierra Leone Regiment and later the Republic of Sierra Leone Regiment. The total active manpower of Sierra Leone armed forces is around 10,000 military personnnel.
Sierra Leone has very limited modern weaponry. The country has a wide variety of used second-hand foreign imported arms. The IISS Military Balance lists 31 mortars, Carl Gustav recoilless rifles, and seven air defence guns in service. Other army equipment may include the Heckler & Koch G3, AK-47, RPD light machine gun, and the RPG-7.
Armored Corp of Sierra Leone Army
Two T-72 tanks were ordered from Ukraine in 1994 and were delivered to Sierra Leone via Poland in 1995. Although briefly serviced and maintained by South African firm Executive Outcomes, their operational status is somewhat doubtful. Freetown's mechanized forces are backed by at least ten ex-Slovak OT-64 and three Casspir wheeled armoured personnel carriers.
According World Defence Almanac 2015, the Sierra Leone army uses also Russian-made BMP-2 IFV (Infantry Fighting Vehicle), BTR-80 8x8 APC (Armoured Peersonnel Carrier) and Piranha 8x8 APC.


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