UAE awarded a $17.5mn contract to Saab for Saab 340 Erieye AEW support

The Swedish defence and security company Saab has signed a support agreement with the United Arab Emirates regarding an airborne surveillance system. The agreement will be valid for the 2016-2018 period, and the order value is approx. SEK 160 million (US$17.5 mn).
The agreement covers support and maintenance for surveillance system, Saab 340 Erieye AEW&C, previously delivered to the UAE. The system consists of Saab 340 aircraft rigged with the advanced Erieye radar system, along with associated ground equipment.
In November 2009, UAE signed a $164 mn contract with Saab for the purchase of two Saab 340 AEW platforms. The first Erieye surveillance system was delivered to the Swedish Air Force on a Saab 340 aircraft platform. The system has also been sold to Pakistan on Saab 2000 aircraft and Thailand with the Saab 340 as a platform, and this time the United Arab Emirates.
The radar system has also been installed on the Embraer-145 aircraft and is operational in Brazil, Mexico and Greece. The Erieye's detection range is upto 300km and can cover upto 500,000 square km of area from the height of 60,000 fts (but Saab 340's maximum service ceiling is upto 31,000fts).


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