Gaaz delivers Tigr-M multi Purpose Vehicles with Arbalet-DM to Russian army.

The Russian armed forces received a batch of multipurpose Tiger-M armored vehicles with remote-controlled combat Arbalet-DM module, Director General of Weaponry Workshops Company which produced the module Dmitry Galkin told TASS.
Galkin did not specify the number of the vehicles and units which received them but said the company completely fulfilled the 2016 state defense order. The Tiger-M with Arbalet-DM was for the first time displayed to the public at VE-Day parade on May 9, 2016.
Galkin said in 2017 the Weaponry Workshops will continue fulfilling the state contract for the delivery of Tiger-M vehicles with Arbalet-DM module. Besides, the Russian defense ministry wants to have the Arbalet-DM module installed on the armored vehicles of the Typhoon family, the MT-LB transporters-primemovers and other wheeled and tracked armor.

About Arbalet DM
The Arbalet-DM remote module can be mounted on wheeled and tracked armored vehicles, surface warships and stationary security posts. It is armed with the 12.7 mm caliber Kord machinegun with 150 cartridges or 7.62-mm caliber PKTM machinegun with 250 cartridges. The module can lock on and automatically track targets both in stationary position and in motion. Its TV camera can identify targets at a distance of 2.5 kilometers while a thermal imaging device - at 1.5 kilometers. The targeting device is equipped with a laser ranger.


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