Poland is negotiating with the US about buying 100 F-16

Poland is negotiating with the US about buying hundreds of F-16.
The cost of one used aircraft could reach $ 24 million. Poland’s defense Ministry can buy 96 F-16 fighters from the United States. This writes the newspaper Gazeta Prawna, with reference to the Deputy Minister of defence of Poland Bartosz Kovnatskogo, which is responsible for the procurement of military equipment.

He noted that Poland can’t afford the fifth generation fighter F-35 so the F-16 looks more real. According to media reports, the cost of one second-hand F-16 can reach about 100 million zloty (24 million dollars).

Polish F-16 Background

Poland ordered a total of 48 F-16C/D block 52 aircraft, thus becoming the first former Warsaw Pact member to operate the F-16 Fighting Falcon.

Equiped with JHMCS and Sniper ER pods, and armed with AIM-9X, AIM-120C, JSOW and JDAM, the Polish F-16s will be the most advanced in NATO.


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