Online anti-terror platform Agniveer exposes PayUmoney of links with Islamic preacher & terrorist appeaser Zakir Naik

Source: Jyotiprakash

Agniveer, an online anti-terror platform, has accused PayUmoney of having suspicious links with Zakir Naik.

Naik, a controversial Islamic preacher, a doctor by profession, is the founder and president of the Islamic Research foundation. Often accused of spreading hatred in his speeches, Naik is a tele-evalengist who even owns a TV channel called Peace TV.

Agniveer, an organisation that gives opinions on social equality, anti-terror, and Hinduism, worked actively with Anti-Terror Squad (ATS) in exposing several terrorists.

Agniveer uses PayUmoney as the website payment gateway to receive funds from their supporters. When some donors informed Agniveer that they got calls from PayUmoneyasking them to cancel their payments, the organisation conducted an investigation. They realised that many payments were getting cancelled and were blocked by the paymentservice provider.

One of Agniveer's wellwishers informed that within 15 minutes of making a donation to the organisation, the payment was blocked and someone claiming to be from PayUmoneycalled and asked to not fund Agniveer. The fellow also said that Agniveer has written against Zakir Naik and victimised the absconding preacher. On seeing the supporter defending Agniveer, the caller disconnected.

According to Dr. Vashi Sharma, the president of Agniveer, representatives from PayUmoney called few more of their supporters to convince them to stop funding the anti-terror organisation as they exposed Zakir Naik.The president of Agniveer, Dr Vashi Sharma, told that a few more of their supporters got calls from people claiming to be PayUmoney representatives, trying to convince them to stop funding Agniveer as they exposed Zakir Naik.

Sharma said that PayUmoney, despite blocking incoming payments, charged for their services. On contacting PayUmoney for an explanation, the payment gateway firm informed they found content on Agniveer website controversial and that's the reason behind blocking incoming payments. Banned in the UK and Canada, Naik has been accused of being a role model for many terrorists who claimed to be followers of the preacher. The 2016 Dhaka attacks were also supposedly carried out Zakir Naik's followers.

The government banned Naik's Islamic Research Foundation under UAPA (Unlawful Activities Prevention Act) and as Zakir Naik is absconding, Agniveer said that the terror links may be deeper.

Agniveer claimed that there might be a few Zakir Naik sympathisers working with PayUmoney, trying to push their personal agenda in the name of PayUmoney. There can be no other explanation why a payment gateway would make dubious calls to people asking them to not pay a certain organisation.

Post demonetisation, the terror-financing has been affected deeply, so it could be a desperate attempt by terrorists to sabotage funding received by anti-terror platforms, said Agniveer.

The anti-terror platform said they have intimated the PMO, Home Ministry and the National Investigation Agency (NIA) and sought an investigation as it could be a case of terror-finance linkages. The organisation is willing to cooperate with government agencies to resolve this matter.

Agniveer thinks this reason half-baked because an extensive review of the Agniveerwebsite, that took 15 days, was carried out before PayUmoney agreed to come onboard. PayUmoney also informed the anti-terror platform that they breached certain terms by seeking an explanation for PayUmoney representatives calling their supporters.

Agniveer said that PayUmoney cannot contact the patrons directly even if they find the content on the website controversial. PayUmoney could have blocked their services on the whole instead of blocking the payments. The complainants also said they were given a confirmation that the transactions have been processed, but PayUmoney said they never received the payments.

Agniveer couldn't get a satisfactory explanation from the CEO of PayUmoney either. Agniveer's account was completely blocked later, and on warning them of serious legal actions, PayYmoney advised Agniveer not to use their services. PayUmoney also informed that they would not comment on whether the amount will be held or released.

Currently, INDIATODAY has deleted the post clearly exposing its Jihadi support & appeasement for ZAKIR NAIK,even its web cached link is removed with a error message "404" from Google Servers.

According to a mail received by Agniveer from PAYUMoney,the company (PAYUMoney) has initiated refund of all amounts  in full which were earlier withheld.The refund will be processed by the bank & it may take upto 4-7 business days to reflect into the customers account.
This has also exposed PAYUMoney support for anti INDIAN & terrorist elements.

References : INDIATODAY


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