Project PRALAY: INDIA's upcoming DESTRUCTIVE "PRALAY" (Apocalypse) missile!! a angel of death for INDIA's enemies

By: JP

Since 2015, DRDO has been working on design and development of a new Surface to surface Missile (SSM) which for some reasons has been on fast track mode and as per DRDO all aerodynamic configuration has been finalised and all other system studies have been completed.

 Little has been known about the actual intent of the new missile but the configuration of thrust vectoring in canister mobile layout suggests new SSM is a tactical missile system heavily borrowing components from ‘Shourya’ missile. 

Pralay seems to be carrying slower speed than Shourya but similar dimension suggests it will neither carry same range of Shourya which is 750 to 1900 km depending on the payload or may accede its range parameters.

As far as the missile is concerned, aerodynamic configuration has been finalised & all system studies have been completed.
Preliminary design review(PDR) of electro mechanical actuation (EMA) system,canister,jet vane system for thrust vector control,integrated avionics module(IAM) & telemetry,telecomand & transponder (T3) have been completed as well.

we might soon have a maiden test, as developemental flight trial approach has been finalised.



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