Why Pakistan provokes India for War and why India always maintain restraint !

One question that every Indian always think about is that why we as a nation never retaliate to Pakistan in a befitting manner. Since the inception of the proxy war in Kashmir by Pakistan, we have lost the lives of some 1,50,000 civilians mostly Hindus and the lives of some 8,000 Security personnel(Army, Paramilitary, Police, IB.) We have also successfully neutralized some 24,000 Islamists in last 27 years. But Kashmir isn’t the first place where they started this proxy war before Kashmir it was Punjab where Pakistan was funding Khalistanis. So this proxy war is almost 37 year’s old.
Pakistan is 11th failed country in the world and is economically fragile. Pakistani Army knows this, and its the reason they choose the policy of bleeding India with thousand cuts. Pakistan pumps funds in India through Hawala racket and from last 37 years India hasn’t been able to stop it or hasn’t been able to form a clear cut policy against Pakistan.
On the other hand the policy of Pakistan is to fund notorious Jihadi groups to bleed India within and use diplomatic pressure on India on International platforms. Pakistan hasn’t changed this policy from 37 years because India hasn’t been able to find a solution to this problem. Pakistan tried to escalate this proxy war in 1999 by encroaching Indian territory in Kargil, and the result was 4000 dead bodies of Pakistani soldiers.
The only reason India isn’t using full power against Pakistan even after getting attacked again and again is because It will stop Pakistan from getting disintegrate. Balochistan is on fire, so is FATA, Waziristan and Sindh. Separatist movement in these areas are going on in full throttle. Pakistan has lost more than 50,000 of it’s soldiers in Waziristan to curb home grown Jihadis groups. They have lost thousands of them in Balochistan, where Baloch people has waged a war against Pakistan after they had enough of Pakistani Punjabis bully nature.
The only thing that can unite Pakistan now is an external enemy which is India. This is the reason General Rahel Sharif(R) were trying to instigate India but India maintained its restraint. India has to play very smart, they need to fund these separatist movements inside Pakistan and make sure that these groups keep bleeding Pakistan from within. We have successfully disintegrated Pakistan in 1971 and a disintegrated Pakistan will mean a secure and safe India.


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