New Chinese «USA Killer» mobile missile system spotted during road testing

The new-generation mobile missile system has been spotted testing in China. The video shows new long-range ballistic missile mounted on a heavy truck.
American experts report that this DF-41 intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) and estimate the DF-41 to be an 80-ton, three-stage solid-fuel missile capable of carrying between six and 10 nuclear warheads.
The DF-41 can carry from one to 10 nuclear warheads with yields ranging from 250 kilotons to one megaton. This missile is being called the “USA Killer” because it places all the U.S. at China’s mercy.

The first information about the new generation Chinese ballistic missile – which according to the Washington Free Beacon is capable of reaching any location within the US – emerged in the American media in July 2014.
According to the Washington Free Beacon, the Chinese military staged its previous DF-41 ballistic missile test launch on December 5, 2015, when a missile was launched from a container mounted on a special railroad car.
China is estimated to have 260 nuclear warheads, with an unknown number of them active and ready to deploy. U.S. intelligence in 2013 estimated the Chinese active ICBM arsenal to range between 50 and 75 land- and sea-based missiles.


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